working lunch

The working lunch

In major cities like Sydney, the working lunch is an institution, affording a less formal venue to conduct the business of the day. It offers the chance to make connections, build relationships and most importantly is a place where deals are discussed and business gets done.

But while the working lunch is social, it’s not a social affair, so here are the top tips to ensure this event goes off without a hitch.

The venue

Choosing the right venue is key to a working lunch. You want somewhere central and familiar, yet accessible to attendees. If your office is in the city, a nice venue near the CBD is the desired location, but as you are representing business interests it should boast some ambience as well.

Ideally, you’ll want a venue where the atmosphere is appealing but is quiet enough to let attendees talk. Also, consider the menu and options that will appeal to a variety of tastes. A nice backdrop like the harbour is a benefit, allowing you to shake of the shackles of business, showcase the city, and relax a bit as well.

Keep it quick

Unlike the heady ’80s and ’90s, the working lunch of 2018 is not an excuse for a boozy afternoon that stretches into the early hours of the evening. These days business people have far more on their plate.

If you’re hosting a working lunch, keep it quick and get to the point, in the knowledge all those attending will have other tasks on their schedule that day.

That means the venue you select should be renowned for their service. They should have the professional ability to seat you and your guests, take your orders and have you fed, watered and catered to within a reasonable amount of time.

Seek out venues that take bookings, are familiar with the corporate lifestyle, and have a proven track record when it comes to catering the working lunch.

To drink or not to drink?

Whether or not alcohol is an acceptable repast during a working lunch depends on a whole host of factors including the culture of the guest you are dining with, the purpose of the lunch and the work you need to undertake later that day.

While a couple of drinks is acceptable, the days of drink-fueled work lunches are long gone, so if you plan on offering drinks, a shared bottle or a couple of glasses will do.

The bill

As a general rule of thumb, the party who extended the invitation generally picks up the tab for any working lunch. However, in situations where the event is a regular get-together, attendees might take it in turns to pay for the working lunch.

About George’s

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Due to our proximity to the city centre, we are a favoured venue for the working lunch, offering a meu to suit all palates and a professional yet ambient atmosphere to strike that all-important business deal.

You can learn more about our function facilities here, or contact us directly for further advice.