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Five reasons to host an EOFY function

Christmas might be the traditional occasion to organise a night out with colleagues, but the end of financial year offers an equally important opportunity to embrace the office ethos and celebrate a hard-earned milestone with mates.

Here are five reasons the EOFY should be an event to remember and why your work crew needs the welcome reprieve.

A milestone reached

Each year we bring in the New Year with countless acts of revelry, but the end of financial year passes with barely a blip. That’s despite the fact that no matter your industry, EOFY requires a sustained effort to meet the major milestones that business requires. There’s stocktake, accounts payable, KPIs to be reached and so much more.

Chances are your team has put in some hard yards to reach the desired outcome, and they’d welcome a social event to recognise the major milestone reached.

Achievements recognised

While New Year’s Even offers the opportunity to look back on personal achievements, EOFY sees business taking time to reflect.

Whether it’s the target your business reached or the data your staff collated, EOFY is a chance to look back on the business year that was and regroup as a team for the year ahead.

It’s about the team

On that note, the end of financial year is the chance to come together, celebrate and re-embrace a team ethos. It’s this philosophy that will stand you in the best stead for the new financial year to come. By taking the time out to celebrate and bond together as a group, you not only draw a line under the financial year gone by but position yourself to embrace the next challenges ahead.

Time to let off some steam

The EOFY year brings with it a host of business stress. There’s targets to be met, reporting to be finalised and lots of last minute tasks to be accomplished.

Once all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, it’s the perfect opportunity to recognise the group effort, allow staff to let off steam, congratulate them on the year gone by and move forward as a united group.

A mid-year opportunity

It can be a long stretch between celebrations in the busy corporate world, so mid-year and the end of a busy stretch is a welcome opportunity for a social soiree that wards off the winter chill.

It also injects some morale into the workplace at a time f year when the days are longer and the holidays far off.

Our function options

Centrally positioned at Darling Harbour, just minutes from the CBD, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill is the perfect venue for an EOFY office function. Whether it’s a weekday lunch or a weekend dinner, we have a host of function menus to suit, with formal sit-down options, more relaxed share tapas meals available or drinks and nibbles overlooking the Sydney sunset.

You can contact our team to discuss your options for an event that suitably marks the achievements of the end of financial year.

About George’s

Located on the King Street Wharf amidst the beauty and excitement of Darling Harbour, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill is renowned as one of Sydney’s premier eateries. Come share the Greek hospitality for which we are renowned as we serve up harbourside dining in simply stunning surrounds.

You can learn more about our function facilities here, or contact us directly for further advice.