‘Tis the season to book office Christmas parties

The hint of spring means only one thing for business…no not BAS, reporting season or the quarterly report. That welcome warmth in the air means it’s time to start talking office Christmas parties.

The annual Christmas gathering is a hot topic for any office and it’s a celebration that has to meet multiple demands of budget, convenience, location and wow factor, meaning there’s some forward thinking, planning, and early organisation required.

At George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill, we’ve hosted more Sydney office Christmas parties than Santa himself, so here are our top tips for lining up the ultimate Yuletide gig.

Location location

When it comes to location it’s all about the essential ingredients of convenience, wow factor, and suitability.

The venue should be one that suits the professional ethos of the workplace, while encouraging a festive but not party-hard ambience. You’re looking for something that will cater to varying levels of management yet be popular with general office staff as well.

Meanwhile proximity to the office and public transport is always a plus, allowing staff to easily make their way there and get home safely at the end of the night, even if they’ve chosen to party on elsewhere.

Food for all

Menu is one of the biggest considerations of any staff party, with something required to suit all tastes. The food should be exciting and memorable yet accessible to all, and the best venues will work with you to meet any dietary requirements.

Most venues will also have a choice of Christmas party packages to suit the budget and size of each organisation. Meanwhile they’ll work with organisers to further accommodate extras like entertainment or speeches.


Speaking of budget, money is a big factor for any organiser tasked with sorting out the Christmas party event. Most offices will have a set budget per head incorporating food and maybe a limited amount of alcohol.

Talk with your intended venue about what your budget is, and how many people will likely be attending. Then be clear with your staff about what’s included for the evening. Some offices spring for table wine and beer, some have a set bar tab, some even allow a plus-one, while others pay for food but not alcohol.

At this point also ask your staff to get back to you if they have any serious food allergies, so you can alert the kitchen staff in advance of the function.


Make no mistake, Christmas party season is a busy one for venues across Sydney so it’s imperative to be organised and book well in advance. Now is the time most businesses are sorting out their venues, with dates quickly filling throughout November and December.

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