Fun facts about Valentine’s Day

A Sydney sunset, the sparkling lights of the city over the harbour…what could be more romantic than celebrating Valentine’s Day in such ambient surrounds?

As lovers around the world gear up to celebrate this day of romance, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill at Darling Harbour is preparing our Valentine’s Menu and pondering the international day of love.

To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled five fun facts about Valentine’s Day and a little Greek history relating to its adoption.

A while to catch on

Truth be told, it took a while for Valentine’s Day as we understand it today to really catch on in Greece, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the event became widely adopted.

At the time there was a little hesitation and opposition about celebrating a Catholic Saint in a country with orthodox roots. But as ever, love prevails, seeing Valentine’s Day celebrated enthusiastically each year on February 14 in Greece.

Greek origins?

Although the modern concept of Valentine’s Day arrived relatively late in the game, some believe its ethos may have origins in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece.

Here, a festival honouring Pan was held on February 15 each year. Known as the The Festival of the Arcadian Lykaia, this later became the Roman festival Lupercalian, and later still was outlawed by Pope Gelasius in 496AD and renamed the Feast of Saint Valentine, held on February 14.

Big love spenders

Of course, in Australia Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated, with some interesting statistics indicating how we mark the day.

A study by found Aussies who married in the last five years spent $253 million on Valentine’ Day 2017.

This equals approximately $315 per person on gifts.

A dining day

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest dining day of the calendar, second only to Mother’s Day, according to research conducted by Dimmi.

At George’s we celebrate at our waterside venue, with romantic tables for two overlooking the harbour.

Roses are red

Valentine’s Day sees flower retailers busier than at any time of year, with up to 19 million stems of roses sold in Australia alone.

But it’s not just about roses. According to the Sydney Morning Herald people are embracing a variety of flower types and colours simply to indicate they care.

A table for two

Each year, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill celebrates the romance and wonder of love. Our restaurant features a special menu to mark the occasion, along with our memorable ambiance and the option of indoor or outdoor dining.

To join us this Valentine’s Day, you can make a booking here.

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