Five Greek dishes to delight the tastebuds

Famed for its fresh flavours and fine produce, Greek food is based on centuries of tradition, honed over time. While a select few dishes like Moussaka have caught attention worldwide, there are a host of further delicacies to enjoy for any food lover keen to explore the full delights of this truly Mediterranean cuisine.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your dining horizons or just experience authentic Greek flavours and fare, here are our top picks of Greek dishes that encapsulate the food loving culture of a nation.  


As an entree, share plate or accompaniment, Yemista takes the humble vegetable to a whole new realm. Yemista in Greek means “stuffed with”. As such, this versatile dish involves stuffing and baking traditional favourites like tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini or eggplant with a delectable, inventive filling that comprises ingredients like herbs, rice, mince and more.

How we do it…

We love to share the flavours of our Yemista, serving seasonal vegetables stuffed with rice and herbs as one of our ever popular mezze options.


The Greek understanding and art of seafood preparation needs little explanation, as this seaside nation is famed for its fish fare. Taramasalata is a whole new experience of enjoying flavours from the sea. Made from the Taramas (roe) of fish such as cod, mullet or carp, it is blended into a paste with lemon juice, olive oil and a starchy base like potatoes or even almonds.

How we do it…

Using fresh caught produce, we create or Taramasalata using only the finest ingredients available and serve it as a meza, accompanied by sour dough.


Kefta or kofta, whatever your pronunciation, it’s all a reincarnation of a similar mouthwatering technique. Kefta is the family of meat dishes that sees mince from chicken, turkey, lamb, pork or beef combined with herbs, spices and aromatics like garlic and onion to create a flavoursome meatball dish.

How we do it…

Not only do we serve kefta, we accompany it with another Greek favourite – olives, as one of our mezze options served with a traditional tomato sauce.


This traditional savoury Greek pastry combines some of life’s greatest indulges; filo pastry, feta, onion, garlic, spinach and more. Served as a meal on its own, as a share plate or side, it is one of the most well-known Greek recipes that translates across cultures.

How we do it…

We serve our Spanakopita as a filo pastry filled with spinach, feta and spring onion as part of our mezze menu, and it’s popularity sees patrons return time and time again.


Baklava needs little introduction as it’s possibly the most famous of all Greek sweet dishes. This rich, sweet pastry is made from layers of filo and chopped nuts, combined with a sweet honey or syrup sauce.

How we do it…

Encouraging the full Mediterranean experience in one indulgent dessert, we combine a serve of Baklava with traditional Greek biscuits, known as Melamakorona, and an almond-based pastry entitled Rosedes.

About Georges

George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill prides itself on sharing all these traditional dishes and more at our Darling Harbour venue. Our menu is proudly based on our Greek heritage, combined with access to all the seasonal produce and fresh ingredients that Australia has to offer.

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