Valentine’s Day – George’s night of nights

Bring on the champagne, flowers and chocolates, and prepare to dine out in style, because in just a few weeks Australia’s romantics are set to celebrate the international day of love.

Considered the big day of the year for couples and romance, Valentine’s Day is all about showing just how much you care.

So, as we light the candles, ready the share plates and pop that champagne on ice, we’re taking a look at how Australian romantics express their love, and offering an insight into the night of nights that is Valentine’s Day at George’s, Darling Harbour.

So much to give

In 2018, a survey by the Commonwealth Bank revealed Australians were primed to spent more than $23 million collectively when it came to celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Over half that figure ($13.6 million) was spent on dining out, $7 million on drinks, and $3.2 million on flowers, with the Commonwealth noting in 2017 that was a 60 per cent total increase in spending across these three categories compared with an average Tuesday in February.

It was also an increase of 15 per cent on the year prior, with Australians expecting to splash out around an average of $136 on the big day.

Young love blossoms

When it comes to who chooses to mark the day in spectacular style, the survey also revealed young lovers were more likely to embrace the tradition.

“The most romantic group appears to be those aged 26-35, who accounted for 38 per cent of all florist spend and 36 per cent of all restaurant tramadol cheap online order spend,” the survey found.

“And the 18-25 age group isn’t far behind, taking the next-biggest share of spending in restaurants, which is 20 per cent.”

After age 36, expenditure tends to tail off but when older couples celebrate, they do it in style.

“The average person over 66 will spend $206 on flowers, drinks and dinner on Valentine’s Day, while younger couples aged 18 to 25 spend a more conservative $101 on average,” the survey noted.

Chivalry is far from dead

Meanwhile, it appears chivalry is far from dead, with men more likely to splurge on gifts and experiences for their partner.

The survey found: “Overall, men spend more than women, buying up 83 per cent of all flowers purchased on Valentine’s Day, and footing 70 per cent of all restaurant bills”.

Valentine’s Day at George’s

At George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill in Darling Harbour, Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite events of the year.

We mark the occasion with a three-course menu that incorporates stunning cuisine, enjoyed in picturesque surrounds with views over Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

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