Planning your function in 2018

Whether it’s a work function, a product launch or a family affair like a wedding, planning a function takes time and preparation.

If you’re looking to host a major social event in 2018, here are our top tips to make your function a resounding success.

Start early

The key to planning a function is to start early, scouting out the venues and facilities that will suit you best. Many major venues can be booked out months in advance so set a proposed date and start contacting people on your venue list.

If you have a specific venue in mind for your function, it pays to be a little flexible in terms of dates, and this should be factored in long before you’re ready to start sending out invitations.

Make it convenient

Convenience is a big element of planning a function, and incorporates everything from a central location to parking availability and access for those with limited mobility.

If you’re planning a wedding, this may include factoring in the distance from your ceremony location to your reception venue, to ensure guests aren’t travelling vast distances between locations.

If you have elderly guests attending or people with limited mobility, you also need to consider how far they must walk from their car park and whether the venue has stairs, a lift or is situated on the ground floor.

If it’s a work function you will likely be looking for a venue in proximity to the CBD or office that also adds a little sparkle and class to your planned event.

Then you need to consider whether people can get there via public transport or find parking should they choose to drive.

The type of event

What type of event are you looking to host? A product launch at midday will be vastly different to a wedding, or an evening soiree for your best-performing staff. Consider how many people are likely to attend and the experience you would like them to have.

Would a sit-down meal be preferable, or light canapes and cocktails preferred? Is it an all-inclusive affair or will guests be required to pay for a component of the experience such as beverages?

Set a budget

Chances are your budget will not be limitless, and this too needs to be considered as you start seeking out venues, peruse menus and ponder any alcohol requirements for the occasion. Experienced function venues will have a variety of menu options available, with packages that are designed to make planning your function easier.

Most function venues will have this information readily available on their website to assist in the location scouting process.

At George’s our function menus and package options are available here, and our experienced staff are always willing and available to assist.

Discuss your needs

The best venues will work with you to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. They will help you select the right space within the venue that will work for your specific event, and guide you through the menu selection process.

Many will also be willing to assist with any specific dietary requirements or special needs that you may have such as decorating, theming and set-up.

Take the time to meet with the organiser at your selected venue, and work through the requirements you have.

Invites and numbers

Send out your invitations early enough to receive a response as to who is coming and any special dietary requirements they may have. Your venue will need numbers locked in in advance of the event to formulate final pricing and cater to any specific needs.

It also pays to be clear about how the finances of the event will play out. Are guests required to pay for tickets, will they foot the bill for any alcohol or will they pay for their own meal?

Consider technology

Some weddings will feature live entertainment, while work functions may require audio-visual equipment or a microphone for a speaker. This should also be organised with your venue as you are planning your function.

About George’s

Located on the King Street Wharf amidst the beauty and excitement of Darling Harbour, George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill is renowned as one of Sydney’s premier function venues.

If you’re planning your function in 2018, we are available to discuss your needs, with full or part-venue hire available.

You can learn more about our function facilities here, or contact us directly for further advice.